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Are 3D printed bras the future?

All sorts of custom-made clothes and accessories have already been 3D printed, from shoes to rings. Next up, though, might be custom printed bras.

Joyfit is a new start-up aimed at revolutionising the underwear industry.

Anyone for 3D printed ice cream?

Honestly, with the weather the way it is right now, just saying the words "ice cream" is enough to get our attention. So the fact that students at MIT have created an ice cream printer is making us very excited indeed.

Kristine Bunker, Kyle Hounsell, and David Donghyn Kim basically hacked an existing 3D printer: they stuck it inside a freezer, and added a liquid nitrogen cooling system that would set the ice cream in place as it was printed. Then it was just a matter of setting up a 3D printer's nozzle to 'print' in Mr Whippy-style soft ice cream, and voila - custom shaped chunks of ready-to-eat ice cream. Amazing.

Factory workers get 3D printed thumbs to prevent injury

We've featured plenty of 3D printed prosthetics on this blog already, but usually they're for people who've lost limbs, or were born without them. BMW's prostthetic thumbs are a bit different, since they've been made for perfectly healthy factory workers - they're designed to help make workers' lives easier, and safer.

The "thumbs" are custom printed to fit the size and shape of each individual worker's thumb. Made of a semi-flexible thermoplastic and worn strapped to the hand, they act as support, making the workers' hands stronger and less prone to injury when they're doing repetitive physical tasks, like fitting plugs into the chassis of cars.

Printed human organs come another step closer

Scientists have been working on 3D printing human organs for transplant for a while now, but a recent breakthrough might've brought that reality another step closer.

Researchers at the University of Sydney, led by Dr Luiz Bertassoni, have been working to solve the issue of blood supply to the new organ tissue. And in the journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, they've published an article saying they might've cracked it. helps launch a Coca-Cola bottle printer

Hey, remember when signed up with 3D Systems to try to make 3D printing more accessible? Well, the first fruit of that partnership has just been announced.

The Ekocycle Cube printer is a new 3D printer from 3D Systems, developed in partnership with the singer and with Coca-Cola. As the name suggests, it uses recycled materials - specifically, recycled plastic from Coke bottles - as filament. Well, partially, anyway - around a quarter of every cartridge will be made from recycled bottles. It'll be able to print in red, black, white, or translucent colours, and will be able to make objects up to 6" cubed.