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Check out these adorable 3D printed cufflinks

GothamSmith Ltd sells gorgeous 3D printed cufflinks and pendants, in designs ranging from moustaches to cityscapes. The company is based in Brooklyn, and is formed of four friends who claim they wanted to create things that generated "lasting delight." They use modern 3D modelling and printing technologies to create jewellery based on old-fashioned machinery and craftsmanship, and basically, all their products are beautiful.

Which is awesome in and of itself.

What's even cooler, though? Is that GothamSmith has a Shapeways store where you can pick up designs that are no longer available on their website. Some slight changes have been made to the designs, but by using Shapeways' print on demand service, GothamSmith can make their designs available forever without needing to keep any inventory in stock. It's kind of brilliant.

And we want everything in the shop. Especially these cycling-inspired cufflinks. They're just too cute.

Check out the rest of GothamSmith's Unlimited store here.

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