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Make your Lego minifigures handier with 3D printed arms

Lego minifigures are awesome, but their tiny hands aren't always good at grabbing non-Lego objects. Shapeways user Dotsan has a solution, though - 3D printed hands that can be fitted to your minifigures to allow them to hold onto things.

The hands, which are available from Shapeways printed in either white or black plastic, come in a few different shapes, with the 'fingers' open to a couple of different widths. These new hands can easily be swapped with the Lego figures' existing hands, and then they can grab onto things - like a penny, as shown, or cards or, um, anything else small enough for a little Lego guy to carry.

It's not a world-changing idea, but it's these kinds of projects that make us realise just how many possibilities 3D printing opens up.

Want to buy some Lego hands? You can get them from Shapeways, here, for €8.81 (about £7.50) for two pairs.

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