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Print your own Minion

Need someone to do all your menial tasks for you? Someone to carry out all your whims without question? Then you need a minion. And, okay, these little 3D printed guys can't actually do much more than walk in circles, but they are super cute. Which should count for something.

Created by MakerBot over on Thingiverse, they're currently marked as being a "work in progress", so there are still some flaws to be worked out and the full assembly instructions still aren't available. But one of the benefits of the Thingiverse community is that you get to tap into the brains of hundreds of other 3D printing enthusiasts, so we reckon the bugs will be worked out soon enough.

And when they are, we definitely want one of these dudes. Maybe several. Dozen.

Check out the Minions over at Thingiverse now - and, if you can, help figure out how to perfect them!

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