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Bust some 3D printing myths at Biztech Milton Keynes

A Biztech event held at Milton Keynes College will be tackling the hype and myths about 3D printing and aiming to reveal the truth about what this technology can really do.

The college has its own 3D printer, so there'll be demonstrations at the event, as well as talks from experts including Dr Christopher Tuck, from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councill; Prof. Stewart Williams from the School of Applied Sciences at Cranfield University, and Michelle Greef of Hobs Reprographic.

There'll be opportunity to ask questions after the talks, and the whole event will last approximately two hours, kicking off at 7.30am on Thursday 19 September. (Yes, it's early, but your ticket buys you breakfast!)

Conference guests get personalised 3D printed whistles

When Josef Prusa went to give a talk about 3D printing and RepRap at the Infotrendy conference in Szczecin, Poland, he wanted to make a souvenir for attendees that'd really make an impact. So he decided to print whistles for everyone, all personalised with their initals printed on the sides.

The conference had around 150 attendees, and each whistle took around 8 minutes to print. Prusa has tried something similar before, in 2010, but each whistle then took over half an hour to print. That in itself does a decent job of illustrating how quickly 3D printing technologies are improving. We hope there'll be more exciting 3D printed goodies in store for conference-goers in future...

Find out more from Prusa's website, here.