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Print-on-demand 3D printing magazine launches

If you're interested in design and architecture - as you probably are, at least peripherally, if you're into 3D printing - you're probably already familiar with Dezeen mazagine. But even if you're not, it's time to get familiar, because the Dezeen editorial team have just launched a brand new magazine. And it's all about 3D printing.

Print Shift is a 60-page magazine, with no adverts, dedicated to all things 3D printing. It seems like a good time to launch something like this, just as 3D prining is eetering on the edge of becoming properly mainstream, but the Print Shift team have taken the unusual step of launching their magazine through print-on-demand platform Blurb. That means if you want to get your hands on a copy, you'll need to go to the Blurb store and order one, at which point it'll be printed and sent to you.

It's smart, in many ways, since there's no way to tell how many people will want to read this magazine, so there won't be hundreds of copies sitting around on newsagents shelves where they're not wanted, and anyone who does want a copy won't have to trawl newsagent after newsagent looking for it. Whoever wants one, gets one, and there's no wastage.

Um, it's a lot like 3D printing, actually, isn't it?

You can order your copy of Print Shift here, for £8.95.