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More 3D printed objects for your wishlist

Since stumbling across those 3D printing gaming toys, we've been scouring Etsy for other 3D printed delights. And apparently, 3D printing and the crafting community are a match made in heaven! Here are some of our favourite things:

A steampunk 3D printed case for the iPhone 4S
Even taking into consideration the hefty price tag and long wait time, this is awesome.

Recreated pharmacy "poison" bottles
Macabre, maybe, but kind of adorable nonetheless!

A steel anemone ring
Really pretty, and made to size.

Skull ring
... And if that last ring was too girly for you, check this one out.

Steampunk dice
More steampunk inspired stuff - this time, it's dice with cogs representing the numbers. We'd play a lot more board games if we owned these beauties.

As always, we're on the lookout for more, so let us know if you find anything particularly brilliant...