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VoxelJet launch new industrial 3D printer at Euromold 2011

Yesterday, we posted about a new personal 3D printer - today, we've got a new industrial sized one. At Euromold, VOxelJet unveiled their newest model: the VX1000 3D printer.
Weighing in at 4 tonnes and with a build space of 1060mm x 600mm x 500mm, it's not the kind of printer you could keep on your desk. No, the VX1000 is a high-performance industrial printer: its print head comprises 10,624 nozzles, which can achieve a print resolution on 600dpi.
Rudolf Franz, VoxelJet's COO, said that this new printer filled out VoxelJet's range: "The VX1000 allows us to close the gap between our large format machine VX4000 and the proven VX800 industrial printer. With this new product, we now have a comprehensive product range that enables us to offer the most appropriate machine for virtually all requirements."
The VX1000 will be available halfway through next year, and you can find out more about it from VoxelJet's website